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              Field trip lesson plansGrants for field trips


              service learning field trips

              field trip lesson plans

              Each month, we raffle a prize to show appreciation for your hard work with students, scouts, and campers.It’s Easy & Just A Click Away

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              About Us

              (formerly ClassTrips. and CampDirectorsResources.) offers field trip ideas for class trips, scout group trips, camp group field trips, and homeschool group field trips—early childhood through college. Search for class trips by geographic area, distance, and venue name or keyword.

              Day class trips are divided by curriculum and subject area:

              • ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT
                Find art museums, theater, dance, and music concert field trips.
              • EARLY CHILDHOOD
                Find class trips to children’s museums, petting zoos, and kids’ shows.
                View history museums, government & civics, historic sites, living history museums, and multicultural field trip ideas.
              • LIFE SKILLS
                Find team building field trips, health & safety exhibits, and character education experiences.
              • SCIENCE & NATURE
                Find aquariums, botanical gardens, environmental studies & nature centers, farms & mazes, planetariums, science museums, STEAM & STEM field trips, dinosaur exhibits, and zoos.
              • RECREATION
                Find field trip ideas for adventure parks, ropes courses, ziplines, boat excursions, amusement parks, waterparks, kayaking, rafting, tubing, laser tag paintball, roller skating rinks, ice-skating rinks, mini-golf attractions, indoor amusement & recreation centers, and outdoor amusement & recreation centers.

              Overnight field trips include trips to NYC, trips to Boston, trips to Philadelphia, trips to Washington, DC, trips to Chicago, trips to Atlanta, trips to Austin, and other historic cities throughout the US. Retreats are available for environmental education, team building, and recreation.

              We created field trip lesson plans to help teachers, scout leaders, camp counselors, and homeschool parents provide an enriching experience for their groups. We know funds for class trips are limited, so we’ve included grants for field trips that cover admission, transportation, and more.

              It’s important that students and youth explore new environments, learn about other cultures, and develop an understanding of inclusivity as part of the educational process. People learn in different ways—through hearing, seeing, touching, talking, or doing. Class trips can provide a multi-dimensional learning experience. can help you find the right trip for your group. A world of experiences is just a click away at .

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